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3" Whirly Pop, Each

At 3" in diameter these are the smallest Whirly Pops we sell. Also, the paper stick makes this lolli..

4" Whirly Pop, Each

At 4" in diameter and about 9.5" long (including the wood stick) these are our medium Whirly Pop. Th..

5" Whirly Pop, Each

At 5" in diameter and 14.5" long (including the wood stick)this would be our large Whirly Pop. GREAT..

Bottle Caps by Wonka

Bottle Caps Candy - Sweet tart candies that taste like soda pop. Sold by the roll. ..

Candy Blox

Candy Blox


Candy building blocks in various fruit flavors and sizes. ..

Candy Cigarettes

The original candy cigarettes. 1 Pack. ..

Fruit Punch Pop Rocks

The original fruit punch flavored pop rocks candy that pops in your mouth. Sold by single pack. ..

Sixlets, each

There are 20 sixlets in each tube. ..