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Caramel Apple Pops

Green caramel apple lollipops covered with chewy caramel candy. Sold by single lollipop. ..

Caramel Creams (Bulls Eye)

The delicious Caramel Cream or Bull's Eye as its somtimes called is a caramel delight with a creamy ..

Cow Tales - Chocolate

The classic Cow Tales caramel cream candy in a stick form. Soft and chewy cowtales candy. Chocolate ..

Cow Tales - Vanilla

The classic Cow Tales caramel cream in a stick form. Soft and chewy Cowtales candy ..

Mini Sugar Daddy

Your favorite caramel lollipop in a smaller form. ..

Caramel Apple Taffy

It's Caramel Apple without a stick! Approx. 64 Pieces per Pound. ..

Caramel Cheesecake Taffy

Have the delicious rich taste of these two flavors combined without all the calories of the real thi..

Caramel Corn Taffy

That delicious flavor you love without the popcorn getting stuck in your teeth! An Assortment of ..

Caramel Swirl

If you love caramel, you will love this taffy.  One of our top five flavors! An Assortment o..