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3" Whirly Pop, Each

At 3" in diameter these are the smallest Whirly Pops we sell. Also, the paper stick makes this lolli..

4" Whirly Pop, Each

At 4" in diameter and about 9.5" long (including the wood stick) these are our medium Whirly Pop. Th..

5" Whirly Pop, Each

At 5" in diameter and 14.5" long (including the wood stick)this would be our large Whirly Pop. GREAT..

9" Whirly Pop, Each

At 9" in diameter and about 22" long(including wood stick)this lollipop is the largest Whirly pop we..

Butterfly Lollipop, Each

These beautiful butterflies are 3.5" wide and about 7.5" long(including wood stick). Choose from Bri..

Caramel Apple Pops

Green caramel apple lollipops covered with chewy caramel candy. Sold by single lollipop. ..