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Chick O Stick Nuggets

Take Texas Grade A Jumbo peanuts and sprinkle them with salt while they're still warm, and grind the..

Gummi Gold Bears

The Rolls Royce┬« of Gummi Bears.  Haribo┬« Gummi Bears are the best of the best.  Comes in ..

Gummi Peach O's

Everyone's favorite Peach flavored gummi treat with a hole in the middle.  Orange, red and yell..

Orange Cream Taffy

Orange and Cream Swirled together for a delicious combination Approx. 64 Pieces per Pound. &nb..

Orange Taffy

Orange Taffy


Just like if you picked off a fresh one from an orange tree! Approx. 64 Pieces per Pound. &nbs..

Tangerine Taffy

Tasty tangerine flavored taffy! Approx. 64 Pieces per Pound. ..