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Assorted Jolly Rancher Kisses

The original fruit flavored Jolly Rancher hard candy that come in watermelon, cherry, apple, grape, ..

Assorted Now and Laters

Now & later candy are long lasting delicious taffy candy and will make you chew it now, and late..

Atomic Fireballs

Individually wrapped 3/4" Atomic Fireballs. The best! ..

Butterscotch Buttons Candy

The classic delicious butterscotch taste in a hard yellow candy button. ..

Caramel Creams (Bulls Eye)

The delicious Caramel Cream or Bull's Eye as its somtimes called is a caramel delight with a creamy ..

Chewy Spree Candy

Chewy Spree Candy ..

Chocolate Rocks

Milk Chocolate rocks covered with a crunchy candy shell. These stones look like the real thing. ..

Lemon Heads

Lemon Heads


Individually wrapped 3/4" diameter Lemon Heads.   ..