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5" Whirly Pop, Each

At 5" in diameter and 14.5" long (including the wood stick)this would be our large Whirly Pop. GREAT..

Big League Chew, Each

Big League Chew Bubblegum! Baseball players Bubble Gum of choice! Choose from 4 GREAT Bubble Gum fla..

Bottle Caps by Wonka

Bottle Caps Candy - Sweet tart candies that taste like soda pop. Sold by the roll. ..

Bubble Gum Cigarettes

The Original Bubble Gum Cigarettes that blows out powdered sugar that looks like real smoke. 1 Pack ..

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C. Howard Lemon Mint, each

CHowards lemon mints are a blend of natural flavor and just the right touch of citrus candy mint. ..

C. Howard Peppermint Mint, each

These mints are made with real oil of peppermint to produce a strong mint with a smooth taste. ..

Candy Blox

Candy Blox


Candy building blocks in various fruit flavors and sizes. ..

Candy Cigarettes

The original candy cigarettes. 1 Pack. ..

Candy Sticks, Each

Candy sticks, the old time favorite! (Click on the Picture to Enlarge) Some flavors shown on the pic..

Chocolate Rocks

Milk Chocolate rocks covered with a crunchy candy shell. These stones look like the real thing. ..

Cinnamon Toothpicks by Hotlix

Quality cinnamon toothpicks packed in a cool little container. ..

El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars

The classic bubble gum cigar. Sold by individual Cigar. Choose between Apple ,Fruit, Banana ..

El Bubble II Bubble Gum Cigar

The classic bubble gum cigar. Sold by individual Cigar. Choose between Grape, Orange and Strawberry ..

Fruit Punch Pop Rocks

The original fruit punch flavored pop rocks candy that pops in your mouth. Sold by single pack. ..

Fun Dip

Fun Dip


3 flavors (apple, cherry, grape) of dip and 2 candy sticks! Sold by individual pack. ..

Gold Mine Gum

The original Gold Mine gum thats shaped and colored to look like little gold nuggets. Sold by Indivi..