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Chewy Spree Candy

Chewy Spree Candy ..

Extreme Sour Warheads

*Warning* this is Warheads Extreme sour hard candy. Comes in apple, blue raspberry, lemon, and water..

Jelly Belly Tie Top Sour Beans, Each

Jelly Belly Sour Jelly Beans in a 7.5oz Gift Bag ..

Sour Belts, 1 bag

You get 6 sour belts per bag. ..

Sour Patch Kids Candy 1/2 LB.

Kid shaped chewy candies that are sour and sweet...

Sour Patch Watermelon 1/2 LB.

Your favorite brand of Sour Gummi products now in delicious watermelon shape and flavor...

Toxic Waste Sour Candy, each

Drum of Toxic Waste Sour Candy in an assortment of 5 flavors: Watermelon, Black Cherry, Blue Raspber..

Zots, 4 per string

Zotz! The sour candy with the hard shell outside and the fizzy foaming powder inside. You can choose..

Zours Packet

Zours Packet


Think about mike n ike's but super sour, that is a zour...